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Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets - An excellent choice for bed linens

Three reasons you should buy fine bed linens from Sweet Dreams Bamboo:

Quality. Bamboo fiber is a 100% natural product that has many exceptional qualities. It has great moisture absorption, it is very durable, and it has natural anti-microbial qualities - no added synthetic chemicals are needed. While bamboo has been used for centuries in building and textile it is now being discovered as an ideal and luxurious material for clothing, linens, bedding, etc. It breathes very easily and anyone who has tried them can say it is the best in bed linens.

Eco-friendly. Bamboo requires very little energy input, either for growing or for processing. Especially in areas of the world that are affected by deforestation, bamboo is an ideal crop as it has the same benefits as forest cover but can be harvested again in as little as one year. Irrigation is usually not needed (as opposed to cotton where the majority of the world’s crop is irrigated and puts great strain on the water needs of the people.) Bamboo also doesn’t require difficult processing and serves many purposes for the local populations in addition to being a cash-crop.

Exclusivity. Sweet Dreams Bamboo is the exclusive vendor for 500-count bamboo sheets. Fine bed linens are often hard to come buy and such an exceptional product as bamboo sheets even more so. We have experienced staff that know bedding inside and out, whether it be king-size duvet covers or comforter sets they can always help and they always put the customer first.

Affordable comforter sets and king size duvet covers

These are our specialties along with all manner of other bamboo fiber products. Visit our online store catalogue to see what we offer. If you have any questions give us a call. Buy today to ensure the best in sleep comfort.

Our tradition of delivering the best quality and affordable bamboo products inspires everything we do. Together with our customer-first service, it's easy to see why SweetDreamsBamboo has something for everyone - and always at the most affordable rates!

Our Products are 100% Guaranteed!

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

From a new customer in California: 
"I ordered CA King 500 TC bed-sheets recently.  I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased my husband and I are with these sheets. They truly are luxurious and we are very pleased that we ordered them from you.  Thank you for providing such an excellent product and I will be sure to tell my friends about your business. Love the bamboo throw, too.  It's well-made, great size and so soft!" Pamela.

From Outnumbered 3-to-1:

"I love nice, comfortable bedding. Heck, I'd be lying if I said I didn't cherish every bit of sleep I get. It never does seem to be enough, that's for sure! When I do sleep, I want to be comfortable. I want my bedding to be comfortable. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out I would be reviewing Bamboo Bed Sheets  from SweetDreamsBamboo".  Melissa.

From John S. Bhop:
This Valentine’s Day I decided to think “outside the chocolate box” and spoil my sweetheart with something completely different. I read on the news wire about the new product from SweetDreamsBamboo. They announced an exclusive line of Luxury Bamboo bedding (500 Thread Count Bamboo Bed Sheets!) I've heard about Bamboo Bed Sheets being comfortable, and smooth, great for someone (me) with allergies and who wants to be a little eco-friendly and more green. So I took the plunge. Well, in additional to all that, let me just say that we were truly spoiled. John S. Bhop.

From Bassgiraffe's Blog:
We've been sleeping on our new bed-sheets for almost a week now and I am in LOVE. They are so soft and have a "silky" feeling, I just melt into the bed. I've never slept so soundly before, I feel so relax. Now we just need to get a bamboo comforter and we're set.  Erica K.

From Roberta B. Cook 
Our recent purchase of your luxury bamboo sheets has been one of those times when shopping online was a real pleasure and well worth the extra we paid for your unique products. The 500 Thread Count bamboo sheets are pure heaven. They are smooth as silk; easy to care for and even helped solve my husband’s allergy problems. Believe it or not he snores less! Thanks also for the excellent service, we could not be happier. Roberta B. Cook 

From Heather C. Lowit 
I just had to write and brag about our recent acquisition from SweetDreamsBamboo on-line store. We took advantage of the 50% off the Bamboo Fiber Duvet cover set, and went ahead and purchased the combo set of Azure (Blue) 500 Thread Count set of bamboo sheets and duvet cover. Now I am telling everyone I meet that I am sold on Bamboo sheets, specially the 500 Thread Count. Funny, I went from a timid housewife to a Bamboo Sheets evangelist! Thanks again SDB. I will be back. Heather C. Lowit

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